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We are a small local pizza shop that focuses on using local, ethically raised products in Winnipeg's West End.


Owned and operated by the staff of

The Red Ember.


Left to right: Steffen Zinn,

Quin Ferguson and Michael Sung




We cold ferment our doughs up to 7 days which is a key step in developing texture and flavours. By doing this, the yeast eats the carbohydrates, breaking down the gluten structure in which creates a very airy, light pizza. People who have a gluten intolerance are able to eat our pizza because of this process.


Our main pizza crust is know as the New York Style. 

This is where the crust also known as the “cornicione” is thick and the edges are crispy and thin. New York style pizza is known to be folded in half before eating. A perfect grab and go meal. New York style slices are also known to be larger in size. Our standard pizza size is 18” (equivalent to an Extra Large pizza) 


We also offer the Sicilian square pizza. This style of pizza originated in Sicily, Italy. It is also known as a “focaccia with toppings” or “thick sponge.” The dough is over an inch thick with a textural mouthfeel of crispy, crunchy (exterior) and soft, fluffy, airy (interior) is quite a delight. 

This pizza style has definitely become a favourite with customers as well as staff members. 


We offer the Sicilian square for slices during the week except on Fridays, while quantities last. Customers can also order a whole Sicilian pie. It does take quite some time for our Sicilian doughs to make and proof therefore when ordering a whole pie we would need a 48 hour notice.


The Gluten-Friendly delivers a combination of crispy, chewy and flavourful crust.

Some key ingredients that make up the dough are: almond flour, rice flour, tapioca starch, potato starch, yeast, baking powder, etc.


We offer this pizza in a 10” personal size and remind customers that this dough is made in house along with our regular doughs.


(There is flour in the air and may have a bit of contamination / we also use the same oven to cook our pies.)


Our love and passion is pizza.. in pizza we crust.




The process of building a Pizza shop

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